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MAY 2020


ProCork congratulates

Sancerre winemaker GÉRARD BOULAY

on the outstanding review of his 2016 vintage received from

Chris Kissack, the WINEDOCTOR.




Gerard Boulay.jpg


The wines were bottled in ProCork and after three years their “ethereal beauty” is still preserved,

well done GÉRARD BOULAY.


WINEDOCTOR tasting of “LOIRE 2016 AT THREE YEARS" (2020 review)

Chris Kissack has this to say in his report:

"If we were to judge purely on scores….. it would be to Sancerre that we would turn first, as among a number of brilliant wines from the top names of this appellation we find a number of breathtaking cuvées from GÉRARD BOULAY.

The 2016 Monts Damnés and 2016 Comtesse cuvées are tear-jerking wines of ethereal beauty, while the ‘lesser’ (yes, this is a joke) wines, the 2016 Clos de Beaujeu and 2016 La Côte, could wipe the floor with just about any other wine from the appellation, indeed with most other dry white wines from the Loire Valley and, especially if we look east towards Chablis, from regions further afield as well. 


How can a vigneron produce such wines of celestial charm with such consistency? How can a domaine remain so under the radar? By all means chase your bottles of François Cotat, hanker after a taste of Clos la Néore, but do not make the mistake of overlooking the wines of GÉRARD BOULAY.”


WINEDOCTOR tasting of 2016 Monts Damnés (2020 review)

This is what Chris Kissack had to say:

“Sancerre Blanc Monts Damnés 2016: From Chavignol’s greatest slope, what is more often than not Gérard’s greatest wine, in my experience often surpassing the rarity that is his cuvée from the Comtesse parcel. A pale straw hue in the glass. The aromatics are tear-jerking in their purity and expression, vibrant grapefruit vivacity with a lifted, lemony, orange-tinged and herby edge, with threads of crushed chalk and perfumed white flowers. This is followed by an incisive palate, carrying all the character of the nose, with that bitter and twisted acidity that you find only in grapefruit, before it relaxes into a sweeter citrus note through the middle, supported by limestone, chalky and flinty elements. An absolutely delicious wine, so primary, electric, precise and long. This has fantastic potential.” 97/100 

Contact: Dr Gregor Christie

83 Avenida Santiago

Rio Meao Portugal                            email:

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